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    Music, maybe more than anything else in the waking world, takes us away. We listen and journey into some new place. Perhaps on parade, or in the midst of some war between gods, into a bedroom (with or without some flavor of kink). Arriving, we recognize where we have arrived—even in places we never thought existed. Snuttock’s music opens a trap door, and we fall (Alice-like) into a weird and wonderful world, part toy box and part freak show.

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    Music To Live By

    The other day, while driving, I noticed that I usually turn my mp3 player towards a couple specific tracks when I’ve just screamed out at the window at the smelly homeless guy who has chosen the exactly wrong moment to cross the street… this usually happens when I’m already ten minutes late for work. It […]

    The Return of the Howling Wit Da Wuulf Show.

    Gather Round Faithful. I’m Back. So Tuesday, September 1, at 9-9:30pm (central) I’ll be firing up a new show, with alot of new music, as well as all the old favorites. Plus, If I can get everything reorganised in time, a playlist for yall to go through for requests. Until then, remember, ipods are for […]

    Asobi Seksu, Shoegaze/Dreampop with a Japanese Atmosphere

    (Asobi Seksu) I have had this album for over two months now, and love it. It merits a good review. Asobi Seksu (Japanese for “playful sex”) are a female fronted Shoegaze/Dreampop band from New York, led by japanese singer, Yuki, and guitarist, James. I’ll start of by saying that this was the perfect time to […]

    Air TV

    I recently ordered a box set for this anime, to which I was looking forward to seeing for some time. I am happy to say that I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. Air is adapted from a Visual Novel by Key, who have a history of releasing amazing things like this, and this anime […]

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