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    Goth and punk rock spawned many subgenres when it was in full swing, and even while it was first emerging in the late 1970’s. One of the subgenres that was re-introduced while Goth rock was developing was Deathrock. One of the things that make distinguishing Deathrock from Goth rock so difficult, is because it overlaps with it, naturally, being a spin-off of Goth rock, as well as other sub-genres of Goth rock, that are basically fusions of other styles. Deathrock itself is a fusion of punk, post punk, and horror. So its closest related subgenres are Psychobilly, and horror punk; Psychobilly is a fusion of punk, rockabilly, and horror, while horror punk is a fusion of punk, doo-wop and horror. It sounds the exact same, doesn’t it? I mean, as far as really being able to tell something apart, if you played a Deathrock song, then a Psychobilly song, then a horror punk song, without knowing which was which, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart, purely by their sound. Of course, that does depend on how fanatical you are. Continue reading ‘Deathrock’

    Doom Metal

    Black Sabbath was the main influence of Doom Metal, in the early to mid 1980’s, when the sub genre first emerged. However, later on in the eighties, more Doom Metal artists emerged from around the world, that had not been influenced by Black Sabbath, nor hard they experienced the rise of their popularity; so Ozzy […]

    Dark Wave

    Dark Wave was first used as a descriptive term for the early Goth rock beginnings, but before the term “Goth rock” was ever used outside of the UK. Dark Wave described darker, and gloomier post-punk, of the late 70’s, and New Wave, of the 80’s. For the French, it was Coldwave, and Synthpop, or Electrowave […]


    Electronic Body Music, –known as EBM, because …you know, it’s shorter, –is exactly what its name implies. EBM is a dance-able form of electronica, blended together from Electropunk from Germany, and Industrial from England that emerged around 1984. The genre was influenced by artists like  Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle, and some of […]


    Foxcore is a genre of music that emerged from the alternative rock scene. Foxcore got its name from Thurston Moore, the singer and lead guitarist of Sonic Youth, when he was trying to describe bands that were associated with the Riot Grrrl genre, but did not quite fit in to that particular scene. Foxcore is […]

    Grunge Rock

    Grunge music originated in the 1980’s by a few different bands around the area of Seattle, Washington, and is a different style of alternative rock. It was inspired by a few different forms of metal and punk music, and is identified mostly by angry lyrics, many of which were directed at the general form of […]

    Horror Rock

    Horror rock refers to any number of different bands, styles, sub-genres or mainstream genres. It’s usually used as a name for Death Rock, –and that’s pretty confusing too, since Death Rock later became Gothic Rock, and then the traditional Death Rock was extracted from Gothic Rock, and is now in the process of ressurrection, –Horror […]

    Glam Rock

    Glam Rock is also known as Glitter Rock, but by whom, I’ve no idea, and must herewith assume that this is in the UK, being as that most claim that Glam Rock is a mainly European musical movement. Glam Rock came in, as the hippies moved out, in the early ’70’s. Glam Rock was essentially […]

    Endless Rituals – Snuttock

    ENDLESS RITUALS – SNUTTOCK Music, maybe more than anything else in the waking world, takes us away. We listen and journey into some new place. Perhaps on parade, or in the midst of some war between gods, into a bedroom (with or without some flavor of kink). Arriving, we recognize where we have arrived—even in […]

    Music To Live By

    The other day, while driving, I noticed that I usually turn my mp3 player towards a couple specific tracks when I’ve just screamed out at the window at the smelly homeless guy who has chosen the exactly wrong moment to cross the street… this usually happens when I’m already ten minutes late for work. It […]

    The Return of the Howling Wit Da Wuulf Show.

    Gather Round Faithful. I’m Back. So Tuesday, September 1, at 9-9:30pm (central) I’ll be firing up a new show, with alot of new music, as well as all the old favorites. Plus, If I can get everything reorganised in time, a playlist for yall to go through for requests. Until then, remember, ipods are for […]

    Asobi Seksu, Shoegaze/Dreampop with a Japanese Atmosphere

    (Asobi Seksu) I have had this album for over two months now, and love it. It merits a good review. Asobi Seksu (Japanese for “playful sex”) are a female fronted Shoegaze/Dreampop band from New York, led by japanese singer, Yuki, and guitarist, James. I’ll start of by saying that this was the perfect time to […]

    Air TV

    I recently ordered a box set for this anime, to which I was looking forward to seeing for some time. I am happy to say that I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. Air is adapted from a Visual Novel by Key, who have a history of releasing amazing things like this, and this anime […]

    King Solomon BRAVE-ly Arises(From Thorns ?)…

    Come join me on Tuesday, February 17th, 12noon CDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm CET (LondonDST) / 7pm CET(BerlinDST), When my Feature Artist will be BRAVE from Washington, D.C. and we will be spotlighting their new Anthology CD “Lost In Retrospect” due for release on Feb. 20th. In 1997 guitarist Scott Loose and drummer Trevor […]

    King Solomon (still) has A.D.D. …

    No, not the affliction… the BAND ! A.D.D. (Analog Digital Disorder)is a rockin’ powerhouse from the Chi-Town area…My feature artist today !!!! Just a scant 13 months ago , I introduced A.D.D. to all my listeners. A LOT had happened with them since then! New music, New releases (an exteneded 11 track version of “Elements […]

    DJ Silverwuulf

    DJ Silverwuulf “Howlin’ wit da Wuulf” Top Genres Played : Rock, Metal, Indie, Random Top bands played: The new, the favorites, and anything else I find Location: Texas! Usual Time Slot: Tuesdays, 10 EST to 1am EST

    King Solomon moves ahead…

    One hour ahead to be exact ! THursdays shows will now start at 9pm CST/ 10 pm EST, OK ???

    King Solomon covers all the bases….

    Come join me on Thursday , January 8th, 10pm CST / 11pm EST/4am (Friday) CET-GMTfor a trip into the world of OPM…Other Peoples Music. Struggling musicians who are just making a name for themselves never want to say, “Oh. I”m in a cover band.” But once they’ve gotten a bit of fame, look out ! […]

    King Solomon enjoys Cunning Linguists…

    Gekommen verbinden Sie mich, Dienstag, den 30. Dezember für ein Erscheinen, das VÖLLIG aus non- englischer Musik besteht. Das ist, sogar Anträge muss in einer anderen Sprache sein!!! Korrekt! Venez joignez-moi, mardi 30 décembre pour une exposition consistant ENTIÈREMENT en musique anglaise non-. C’est correct, même des demandes doit être dans une autre langue ! […]

    King Solomon feels a Dying Passion

    Come join me on Thursday , May 8th, 10pm CDT / 11pm EDT, When my Feature Artist will be Dying Passion from the Czech Republic ! Defined by Zuzana’s stunning vocals, the beautiful melodies, urgent guitars fused with poignant keyboards form an untypical mixture of sounds. Since their debut ..Secretly.. in 2000 the band become […]

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