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    Radio Darkness wants to hear your band!

    And we mean that, really, from the bottoms of our black little hearts, we genuinely want to hear what your band sounds like. We play music from all over the little-big world, and nothing is too weird, or raw for us. If you think your band deserves to be played on the radio, then so do we!

    If you prefer to submit your band’s music to us through postal mail, then please make sure you have the following details prepared in advance:

    • Have a CD with at least three full tracks on it, ready to be shipped in its own, neat little case.
    • A few written or typed words on your band, at least a paragraph, on your sound, how you got started, and its members.
    • Write your email, and phone number on a slip of paper, and tuck it into the inside of the jewel case, but if you have it, please don’t write all over your pretty cover art. We want to see it!
    • Don’t forget to look around our site first, please. Don’t just send in music without actually having listened to our station, or reviewed our DJs’ profiles. Make sure that your band is going to get the quality radio exposure it deserves.
    • Finally, when you believe you have set up a neat, orderly promotional package for our lead DJ, DJ Shadoman to review, please send your request to submit music to radio@darkness.com, where we will give you information on where to send your package.

    If you’d rather not send your band’s submission through the postal mail, you can always send it through internet submissions. Here’s how:

    • Compile a promotional package including your band’s art, press releases, a few tracks, or album we can listen to and review, some previous reviews, if you have any, and everything you think we need, then upload it to a site like MegaUpload, in a password .zip or .rar file.
    • Email us at radio@darkness.com and provide us a link where we can download your album or sample tracks. (Please try to provide more than one.)
    • Don’t forget to send us information (at least a paragraph) about your band, its music, and members, to our email, radio@darkness.com. If necessary, you can send your tracks to our email, one at a time. We appreciate your submissions, however way you want to send them to us!
    • And don’t forget to send us links to your band’s website, Myspace, reviews, or any other links you think we should see, in the emails!

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