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    Camp music is a genre that is quite popular that sprung up before the 60s. Its lyrical content is mostly directed at the ridiculousness and triviality of common suburban life. The band called The Tubes, a theatre rock band who were based in San Francisco California, for example, were highly popular in the late 70s and throughout the early years of the 80s, and were known especially for their completely wild mockeries of the media, peoples attachments to possessions and their rising materialistic values, and most especially politics. Many bands have taken stabs at such issues, especially as time progresses.

    Viewing materialistic goals and values as a completely ridiculous way of living, they strive to point out how narrow sighted this inward and selfish way of thinking is. Political satires mainly point out how the government progresses these ideas, as do their jabs at the media. Another band who are considered to be apart of the campy genre, would be the Scissor Sisters. They take a slightly different approach to the campy music scene though. The songs produced by Scissor Sisters are highly known for the mixture of witty lyrics and tragic themes. Their debut album for instance deal with a variety of issues, such as drug usage and abuse within the homosexual community in the song named “Return to Oz”.

    Campy bands usually are considered in some way to be apart of the alternative rock, punk rock, or glam rock scene, and some find great commercial success. U2 for example, based in Dublin Ireland, write many songs based on events from real life that affect them heavily in some way. The bands lyrical content often deal with social problems in the world, and also political issues. Focusing heavily on those aspects U2 has become known as a part of the Campy genre, and a large influence on other bands that focus on the same political and idealistic social problems. Green Day is another popular example.

    A rock band that formed in America in 87, many of their songs deal with such issues as social hysteria, the effects of abusing drugs, and other political and social themes such as alienation from society and government. Songs such as Jesus of Suburbia, Panic Song, Geek Stink Breath, Basket Case, and Green Day are great examples of the bands presentation of such themes and ideas. The Ramones also had similar themes in much of their music, giving them a reputation for being apart of the camp music scene. This can be seen heavily in such songs as Anxiety,  Outsider, Psycho Therapy, Chinese Rocks, to name only a few. Such themes are found heavily in almost all campy genre music, and the bands themselves outwardly speak about concerns on such issues.

    Believing that people should not continue with the ridiculous ideals of a materialistic lifestyle, and fighting against what they believe politics and media themselves do to prolong and incite such behavior in the populace. Other bands who have been incited to be campy include Journey, The Misfits, and a UK based band called The Darkness.

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