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    Cold Wave was originally a French genre of music, referring to a fusion of both Dark Wave and Post Punk. Dark Wave, discussed in an early article can be defined as the early goth scene; originating from darker New Wave. A gloomier New Wave, with lyrics oriented on more morose subject matter, sometimes philosophical, or outright abysmal. The other half of the Cold Wave fusion, is Post Punk, which is the musical scene that follow punk rock. It’s actually a term used for the several punk-influenced subgenres that emerged after the main punk scene dissipated.

    Bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure or Siouxsie & The Banshees were the main influence for the French Cold Wave scene, and later on, when Cold Wave blossomed into a more well known subgenre, more bands manifested, such as KaS Product, Martin Dupont, Asylum Party, Norma Loy, Clair Obscur, Opera Multi Steel and Trisomie 21.These are just a few; unlike other Post Punk subgenres, like “Zombiecore” for example, Cold Wave does have a collective amount of bands belonging solely to its own genre.

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