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    College radio, which also carries the nicknames campus, student, or university radio, is a radio station run by students of a university or other type of educational school. Even though the terminology “college radio” incites the idea that it is broadcast on either AM or FM radio like other radio stations, this is not always the case. A lot of stations actually will use a different form of broadcasting, so that the station is available to on-campus listeners only. Other colleges or universities sometimes decide to host the stations on the Internet, producing one or more live feeds in addition too, or simply replacing any other form of broadcast.

    The programming of such a station is either done entirely by the student of the institution, or may include others from the community in which the college or university is located. The reasons for running a college radio station can very from training those whom wish to be apart of the radio broadcast profession, to provide some form of educational broadcasting, or even to give an alternate station from the mainstream commercial broadcasts. Any college radio station out there is usually going to be not only licensed but also regulated by the government, in just about any country. One thing almost all of these stations have in common is that regardless of where they are located they choose, or in some cases are required too, broadcast non-mainstream or commercial music that is considered to be highly popular.

    Thanks to this fact, alternative rock and other such sub-genres have become highly associated with the college radio scene. But this does not mean that college radio stations only broadcast music, many have broadcasts involving local news, campus news such as sports, and others forms of entertainment. Often described as “freeform radio format” due to the high amount of dissimilarity and originality between the varying show hosts and DJs, many communities have acclaimed their local college radio stations to be an essential part of the school and community.

    Colleges and universities around the world claim a home to their own radio stations. Canada, for instance, regulates radio stations through the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, which is otherwise known as the CRTC. They have deemed that there are two types of college radio stations, campus-community radio and instructional. Campus-community radio refers to broadcasting that is done strictly by volunteers who are not actually pursuing any sort of training for the profession of radio broadcast, while instructional of course refers to those pursuing training for an actual career in broadcasting.

    Canada’s first licensed non-instructional station was called CKCU-FM and was located in Carleton University in Ottawa, and performed their first broadcast in the month of November in 1975, while the oldest instructional campus station, called CJRT-FM had been broadcasting since the year 1949. In December of 02, India’s government made a policy to allow colleges and other such educational institutions to create their own radio stations and broadcast them on low frequency FM, and India’s first college radio station was created just a little more than one year later in February of 04, named Anna FM.

    The terms of this policy though restrict the radio stations from broadcasting a number of aspects, including any non-decent programming, attacks on religion, obscenity, anything encouraging violent behaviour, anything malign that is directed at any one individual, anything that belittles women, or insinuates the misuse of narcotics, alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

    In the UK, college radio is more often referred to as “Student Radio” than anything else. The first college radio station in the nation was founded in 67 at the University of York, and fondly named for its location “University Radio York”. It was followed one year later in 1968 by the second college radio station ever in the country at Swansea University called Action Radio, though since then it has changed its name to “Xtreme Radio”. Many UK college station broadcast mainly on the Internet due to licensing restrictions, though there are three colleges that are able to broadcast year round, Xpression FM in The University of Exeter, Storm FM in Bangor University, and Bailrigg FM in Lancaster University at Bailrigg.

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