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    This is Damien Zygote. I’d like to submit my music to
    Radio Darkness. Let me know how this can be done.


    Damien Lucifer Zygote was born November 1, 1980 in New York City, NY, USA. After a fairy tale childhood funded by the adult entertainment industry, he was eventually relocated to Maine at age 13. The culture shock of life in rural Maine led to his experimentation with mind altering substances and his exploration of alternative realities while immersing himself into the local music scene. A series of self produced EPs & LPs landed him on several of the largest radio stations in Maine and a regional following began to take shape. A close relationship with his core fans dubbed S.K.I.D.Z (Sic Kids Into Damien Zygote) has contributed towards his national popularity as an artist through the media and internet. This multi talented celebritarian entertainer has carved out a place for himself and his fans in the world wide underground music scene.

    DJ’s can contact radio@darkness.com for downloads.

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