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    The DownTempo genre of music is often confused with Trance, or IDM, –Intelligent Dance Music, but does in fact have its own particular style. Unlike ambient, DownTempo does have a beat and groove to it. Trip Hop is closely compared to DownTempo or lumped in under the term, however DownTempo is usually slower than Trip Hop.

    The sound style of DownTempo is a slower, and more relaxed electronic music, that is also confused with Trance because of its hypnotic impact on listeners. This is also because the beats are composed of loops, although, at other times the beat is more pronounced in the song, while melody takes a back-seat.

    DownTempo began emerging in the 1990’s, in Ibiza, found in the Mediterranean Isles, when club DJ’s played low-key techno as morning approached, or in the “chill out” sections of clubs. In the late 1990’s, artists that were inspired by Jazz, Trip Hop, Ambient, and other styles began to surface. Some examples are; Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fila Brazillia, and Thievery Corporation are excellent examples of exclusively DownTempo music.

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