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    Foxcore is a genre of music that emerged from the alternative rock scene. Foxcore got its name from Thurston Moore, the singer and lead guitarist of Sonic Youth, when he was trying to describe bands that were associated with the Riot Grrrl genre, but did not quite fit in to that particular scene. Foxcore is only truly compared to riot grrrl due to the fact that the bands are either female fronted, or are composed mostly or entirely of female performers. A form of harcore punk rock music, Foxcore emerged in the early riot grrrls movement of the 90s, with such bands as L7 and Hole. The foxcore genre helped change the entire view of the hardcore punk rock scene by introducing females into the angry frustrated music scene.

    The foxcore movement raged through California. Los Angeles claimed home to most of the more influential bands of the genre, and the more successful of the scene. Bands like the Red Aunts, That Dog, and the Muffs called Los Angeles home, and each brought their own form of music to the scene and played very important roles in the genre itself, and the alternative rock scene as well. San Francisco also claimed home to a few acclaimed bands of the genre, such as Mudwimin, Stone Fox, Ovarian Trolley, Tribe 8, 4 Non Blondes and Tiger Trap to name just a few. Many other bands who were considered to be apart of the foxcore genre and movement, originated outside of the state, such as Babes in Toyland, Sugarsmack, Free Kitten, Luscious Jackson, Cake Like, and Slant 6.

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