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    Futurepop is a music genre that blends a mixture of synthpop, electronic body music, and uplifting trance to create a unique form of electronic dance music. The actual term was created by two men, Stephan Groth of the band Apoptygma Berzerk,  and Ronan Harris from the band VNV Nation, when they were both trying to find a way to describe the unique and new style of music and lyrics that their respective bands were creating and producing. Even as a co-founder of the terminology, Harris later announced during a performance in Los Angeles in 06 that he no longer identified his music as futurepop, expressing his regrets about using the term and finding it embarrassing.

    The more recent years of the futurepop scene have seen bands such as XP8 and Solitary Experiments expand the basic concepts of the genre by mixing influences from such genres as progressive trance music. Other bands, Assemblage 23 for instance, have given their own take on the genre by mixing in electro-industrial influences. Futurepop has even found a home in the Christian music scene with the emergence of bands like Mercydeep. Futurepop is most popular in Europe with the alternative electronic scenes, but mostly in the dark, cyber scene. There are quite a few music festivals in with the futurepop scene is represented by leading bands of the genre, including festivals such as Arvika Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, Infest, to name only a few.

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