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    Gothabilly music is actually a blend of words that refers to the mixture between the rockabilly music scene and the Gothic or Goth lifestyle. While many bands of the Gothabilly genre include darker themes ranging from the occult and vampires or vampirism, to horror and themes revolving around depression and violent behaviour, they are not limited to such things. A lot of Gothabilly music contains more love oriented songs, and the vocal expressions of the lyrical content can be heavily compared to the average rockabilly music. Gothabilly music leans toward being a slower form of music, and sometimes includes acoustics and organs in their list of instruments used. Some of the visual influences on the Gothabilly can be found in the 60’s monster themes, The Munsters television show being a prime example.

    It was in the 70’s that a band called The Cramps began to form the Gothabilly sub-genre, but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that the actual term was adopted, when the term was used by the front-woman of the band Betty X used the word “Gothabilly” during an interview with a news publication called “The Rocket”. Many bands influenced the Gothabilly genre, such as The Damned, Samhain, 45 Grave, The Lords of the New Church and The Misfits, to name a few. More current popular Gothabilly acts include Those Poor Bastards, Dead End Drive In, Creature Feature, Dark Violence of Beauty, Ghoultown, Koffin Kats, Scary Boom, Hellbilly Club, The Horrors and Necromantix, along with many others.

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