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    Once the gothic metal scene was up off the ground and really rolling, bands started to get more popular inside the genre. Some bands went the way of symphonic metal, while others moved in the opposite direction instead and slowed downed, adding much more gloom into their style. This also meant that the typical “beauty and the beast” vocals, that usually accompany gothic metal, also departed from their musical themes. While Gothic Metal was popular, some bands went in one direction, while others created a new subgenre of sounds, inching more towards the Doom Metal scene; hence the name, Gothic Doom. Bands such as Chalice, Draconian, Even Vast, and Left Hand Solution raised their hands to Doom Metal within the late 90’s, through 2000. The genre was characterised by slow, droning guitar playing, and romantic, although morbid lyrics. Type O Negative is actually the rare breed; it was first on the Gothic Doom scene, incorporating the sounds of the subgenre since the early 90’s.

    Gothic Doom is usually recognizable because the artists evenly mix influences from gothic metal, doom metal and gothic rock. As a matter of fact, many arguments have stemmed from the mix; whether a band is gothic metal, doom metal or neither. Some bands, like Cradle of Filth, Dark Lunacy, and Eternal Tears of Sorrow, are sometimes thought to be Gothic Doom, but are actually called by others “Extreme Gothic Metal.” Other more recognizable characteristics of Gothic Doom are the mixture of lyrical themes; gothic metal’s fairy tale romance, and fantasy, with doom metal’s morose, and miserable content. Gothic Doom is currently on the scene, and is widely popular, and available, with older bands, like Type O Negative raging still, and newer bands, like The Wounded, Bastardized, Circle of Nero, and Diabolique coming up strong.

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