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    Hardcore techno music is a genre of electronic music that emerged in the early and mid years of the 90s in locales like Newcastle Australia, Rotterdam Netherlands and Frankfurt Germany especially. Music considered to be Hardcore techno is usually identified by its fast tempo and the distorted yet rhythmical industrial type beats. The genre is also widely simply known as “Hardcore”. Being composed mostly through the use of music sequencers, many of the earlier songs were created and produced by artists on their home computer systems, using software known as “module tracker”, which allows the artist to lay tracks with many levels of musical instrumentation and beats in a spreadsheet type of format. Due to the lack of actual monetary reward, in addition to the vast availability of personal home computer systems, many hardcore artists produce the music for their own amusement and for the simple pleasure it brings them through their own innovative forms of creativity.

    Hardcore techno is highly innovative and has created a large following through the many sub-genres that the scene has helped create. Each sub-genre has its own signature style, such as the hard synth type riffs and the looped sample that is played over and over in the Hardstyle songs. Other sub-genres include old skool, breakcore, noisecore, which is also called industrial hardcore, gabber, trancecore, speedcore, new beat, and terror core. Notable producers and artists of the genre include AMS, Amnesys, Bang!, Breeze, C1B2, Meccano Twins, Delta 9, DJ Evolution, DJ Mad Dog, DJ Outblast, DJ Panic, DJ Radium, D-Passion, Gammer, Hellfish, Luna-C, Masters of Ceremony, Neophyte, Noize Supressor, Re-Con, The Stunned Guns, and Tommyknocker, to list only a few.

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