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    Horror rock refers to any number of different bands, styles, sub-genres or mainstream genres. It’s usually used as a name for Death Rock, –and that’s pretty confusing too, since Death Rock later became Gothic Rock, and then the traditional Death Rock was extracted from Gothic Rock, and is now in the process of ressurrection, –Horror Punk, Gothic Rock, (I don’t think I need to go into that whole explanation again, do I?), and Psychobilly.

    Horror punk is the main influence, and common term behind Horror Rock, and is a sub-genre of mainstream and underground punk rock, which is usually defined by the band The Misfits, which fuses together horror movies themes and lyrical content, with traditional punk music, except more often than not, the vocals are more clean, so the lyrics play a more important role in characterizing the subgenre. The horror movie themes and lyrics are used to tell stories through the music, usually b-movie horror, zombie horror, etc.

    One of the most interesting things about Horror Punk, is their subgenres, –entire new subgenres have been formed, based solely on the zombie film influence. Like Zombiecore, for instance, which, although it sounds ridiculous, exists. It actually only has one band that any know of, “Send More Paramedics” which, describe themselves onstage as Zombiecore. Personally, I think the development of this subgenre is going to be so much fun. There will be zombiecore fans running all over the place. Well, maybe not running.

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