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    Indie rock music is a genre that split off of the alternative rock scene and is found mostly within the independent underground scene of the music industry. Indie rock, which is actually a shortened term meaning “independent rock”, was originally coined for the use of categorising rock bands who signed with independent labels, or whom refused to sign to the more mainstream record companies. Though the terminology Indie rock has been used by some to try and categorise the underground music scene as a whole, it is more widely accepted as only rock music, considering the many alternative forms of Indie music, such as Indie pop for example. Although Indie rock is usually defined by the use of normal rock instruments, suck as bass guitars and the use of electric guitars rather than acoustic, you will also find instruments used in the genre that are not normally found in any other form of rock music, such as a harmonica, or even the violin in some cases.

    Indie rock in the United States picked up its name in the 80’s and was mainly associated with bands such as Dinosaur Jr or Sonic Youth. When the success of many alternative rock bands such as grunge bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam struck, Indie rock became a term that defined bands whom were apart of the alternative genre, but stayed out of mainstream success and kept to the underground scene. The main Indie rock genres of the 1990’s were Riot Grrl, which included bands like Bikini Kill or Bratmobile, Math rock which included popular acts like Jesus Lizard and Chavez, Post rock, Twee pop, Noise rock and Lo fi.

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