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  • King Solomon gets his M.ED.S. from Fateless Tears

    Come join me on Tuesday, September 23rd, 12noon CDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm CET (LondonDST) / 7pm CET(BerlinDST), When my Feature Artist will be Fateless Tears from New Mexico, USA and their soon to be released (Sept 30th) new CD, “My Doom Box”!!!!( which features MyEnDarkenedSelf)

    Fateless Tears incorporates elements of progressive, gothic, and symphonic metal into their musical soundscape. Featuring the haunting, ethereal vocals of S.Lee and multi Instrumental talents of Richard Baysinger, the duo fuses their passions for music, life, and the unknown to create music that beckons listeners to look within themselves to find the deeper meaning in their own lives.



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