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  • King Solomon ignites with Hydrogyn

    Come join me on Thursday , June 26th, 10pm CDT / 11pm EDT, When my Feature Artist will be Hydrogyn from Ashland , Kentucky !

    Hydrogyn’s first release, “Bombshell“, was a powerhouse album with no holds barred, and their new cd Deadly Passions(released June 10th,USA and June 23rd Worldwide)
    proves that this band is no one trick pony.
    Vocalist Julie Westlake,( a stunning front lady with a multi-octave range,)delivers songs driven by the rhythm section of bassist Chris Sammons and drummer Josh Kitchen, and fortified with Jeff Westlake‘s cutting edge guitar riffs. The result is a formula set to conquer everything from Alternative Rock to Modern Hard Rock to Timeless Metal without sacrificing credibility.

    Get ready to be blown away.


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