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  • King Solomon is touched by the MoonMadness

    Come join me on Tuesday, June 24th, 12noon CDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm CET (LondonDST) / 7pm CET(BerlinDST), When my Feature Artist will be MoonMadness from Tampere, Finland !!!!

    MoonMadness describes their music as melodramatic heavy rock that mixes influences throughout 70’s and 80’s to contemporary metal and according to various reviews around the globe it seems that this vision is also shared with the public eye. The current line-up featuring vocalista Heidi Bergbacka , Otto Hallamaa on guitars, Juha Leppäharju on bass, drummer Antto Nikolai and Turkka Vuorinen on keyboards was established in late 2006 and started work on their first album, titled “All In Between”, which was released on May 7th, 2008, containing nine MoonMadness originals.


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