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  • Music To Live By

    The other day, while driving, I noticed that I usually turn my mp3 player towards a couple specific tracks when I’ve just screamed out at the window at the smelly homeless guy who has chosen the exactly wrong moment to cross the street… this usually happens when I’m already ten minutes late for work. It occurs to me that we probably subconsciously do this all day long. As a matter of fact, the only times we probably don’t tune in to something ritualistically, is the times that most writers and filmmakers seem to think we do! What I mean is, the cliches, –like, having sex, and while we’re stocking the grocery aisle, mopping the floor, or doing some other underpaid menial labor. 90% of people who work anywhere near customers will probably get screamed at by management for not being aurally accessible to those slimy consumer bastards every second of the workday. But anyway!  I’ve come up with a little list, because I’d like to know what music you live by, and underneath, I’ll put my answers… just so you can get a broad view of what a nutcase I am.

    What brings out the race car driver in you?

    Starstrukk by 3OH3, The Memory Remains by Metallica, Poison by Alice Cooper

    When you’re wallowing in self-pity, and digging into Ben and Jerry’s, what’s on your playlist?

    How to Save a Life by The Fray, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional, Samson by Regina Spektor

    The stove is alive, and spewing grease, but you’re in a happy place while you “cook”, because you’re listening to…

    California Love by Tupac, Bad Things by Jace Everett, Männer Sind Schweine by Die Arzte

    You’re kicking ass in billiards, blackjack, poker, or whatever your gaming vice may be, while listening to…

    She’s Got the Jack by AC/DC, I Love the Dead by Alice Cooper, Special Death by Mirah

    We all sing in the shower, but you’re special because you’ve memorized all the words to…

    Crying by Roy Orbison and KD Lang, Memory by Barbara Streisand, Halleluja by Rufus Wainwright

    If you can think of any other time when you’re usually buried in the warm or weird embrace of a particularly great song, let us know, and be sure to add your answers in the comments!

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