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    Slowcore is a genre that is also sometimes referred to by the name Sadcore. A sub-genre of the alternative rock music scene, slowcore was a form of music that was created from the slow tempo and much more downbeat style of melodies that were found in the indie rock scene of the late 80s. Some examples of bands who are considered to be apart of the slowcore genre include Acetone, Armored Frog, Black Heart Procession, Bluetile Lounge, Canyon, Cat Power, Great Lake Swimmers, Ida, Lavinia, Low, Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, Pond, Seam, Slowdive, and Spokane, to name only a few.

    Slowcore, or Sadcore basically split off of alternative rock, and is now sometimes mistaken for Emo music, however, Slowcore is officially older, and a different genre; while Emo, or Emotional communicates strong emotions, like Hawthorne Heights, or The Hated, the music is fast, and heavier in tempo and rock, bordering on hard rock sounds.  Slowcore sticks with heavier feeling music, slow melodies, but at the same time, the music is not exactly soft; more skeletal. Many fans actually believe that slowcore and sadcore are two different genres, but this has yet to be proven by the boys at Area 51.

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