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  • Spleen United & Beta Satan, live in concert

    So, as some of the regular listeners and forum users might know, I went to a concert a couple of weeks ago. Being half drunk and fully excited, I accidentally, repeatedly made a promise to write a review of the bands for the radio blog – I’m think I’ve been dodging it for too long and what I’m about to present to you is, in fact, a review! Good job, Dae, you might say – pat yourself on the shoulder. Thanks, you’re so kind.

    Spleen United

    The main band of the evening was Spleen United, who did a great job on stage, albeit their set was a bit short and the prolonged pauses between bands weren’t really made up for by their performance, even though they played a nice mix between old stuff from their first album and some soon to be released material, along with their newest single. Those negative bits having been shared, their energy was great and the thrill of experiencing them live and having them perform made me jump along with a great many other people – I really only can complain that it didn’t last long enough.

    Beta Satan

    That having been said – or, in this case, written – the band that really blew me away was the first warm up band: Beta Satan. I had never heard of these guys, but was thrilled to find out that they’d signed a record deal just the day before the show – yes dearies, this means there will be an album and more goodies to play on the radio. Let us all rejoice!

    I dare use an exclamation mark because it was just that good – I’m talking standing at the side, getting aroused from mental images of the lead guitarist having violent sex with his axe while the singer struts around in a pink t-shirt, head held high and varying in between singing clearly and growling, all the while pampering a bottle of beer which he started the set off by opening with a water bottle and then throwing said bottle away. Yes, it was that good.

    My date for the evening, being my best friend, described their sound as “sophisticated noise” with which I can only agree. These were numbers where the bass, the guitar, the drums and everything else involved would fill you with adrenaline and make you involuntarily rock your body back and forth, even while you were doing your very best to not give in and head bang, all the while listening to lyrics that are meaningful and exquisitely performed.

    Now, kids, that’s it for this time – I do apologise for the waiting time for the review, though I’m betting you haven’t cried your eyes out about out. In short, the gist of this is this:

    Spleen United playing live is a great experience to have, and the material for their upcoming February release sounds more than promising.

    Beta Satan is a new and upcoming band with a great mix between noisy adrenaline and sophistication.

    I’m off to bed now – while I dream sweetly, please do go enjoy the music.
    // DJ Daehla

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