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  • The Radio Darkness Poetry Contest On May 12th, 8:00 PM EST!


    Oh wow, it took me a while, but finally, I crawled out from underneath my rock, and got busy! I have a treat for every dark poetry lover out there.

    Let me back it up some for those who didn’t follow the contest.

    Earlier this year, I browsed the Dark Whispers section of the Forums in Darkness.Com, and selected a few works of literary masterpiece, that had to be brought out for everyone to hear. Then, I subjected them to rigorous criticism, readings from near and far, and finally, after the votes were cast, selected the winners!


    First Place: Life’s Ocean, by Metria

    Second Place: Resistance of Motion Through A Fluid, by Noisome

    Third Place: A Dream I Had, by Cloaked Figure


    Fourth Place: Wonder, by Informal

    Fifth Place: Simple Math, by Sin Of Texas

    I’ve recorded, re-recorded, edited out, coughed, mumbled, and verbally stumbled through all the work here, and finally came up with a perfected version of each one. And if you don’t know me as well as some, –the reason I take so damn long, is that I am natural perfectionist.

    This is the show I’ve planned for the winners and lovers of Dark Whispers poetry out there.

    First, I’m going to introduce a poem from a guest reader, then we’re going to announce our winners again, just so everyone has it firmly stuck in their skulls. Then, I’m going to work my way up through fifth place, and up to first place. And after that, we have a full hour of Edgar Allen Poe. Then maybe I’ll play some music, who knows?

    Thanks to Everybody Who Participated! ….and  keep an eye out for the upcoming short story contest!

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