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    Without it’s own classification, many songs have been labeled vampire music. Songs written about vampires usually come up under this label. But many of these songs have come under an already made genre such as classical, rock or gothic. Movie and television soundtracks seem to fall under this umbrella genre as well, such as the soundtrack to The Lost Boys, which features a lot of Dark Wave style music. Many bands that claim to play this music have nothing about vampires in there songs, but the dark, brooding music still gives it the feel.

    Others play songs relating only to vampires, such as bands like Atreyu, Carfax Abbey, A Coffin For Mary, and Inkubus Sukkubus. And many take one of these and listen to it, then another. While both may be vampire music, the styles, the sound and the feel is changed, almost from song to song. It becomes vamp rock when it’s absorbed by the vampire subculture. With all these on ideas on vampirism, it inevitably leads to differences in what vampire music truly is. The idea for vampire music has been passed down from the earliest of times. Since the idea of vampires themselves; people have been inspired to write through the gloom in the music they’ve heard. Compositions that inspire fear, also inspire the artist. Such a composition is the soundtrack for Dracula composed by Philip Glass. It is a history in and of itself. Vampire music is simply a relative term that encompasses all songs and styles relating vampirism, or that might only even bring on that creepy, gloomy cool vampy feeling.

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